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Wednesday 170426 Thruster and Deadlift

It’s heavy day, it’s heavy day, it’s heavy day, Yeah!!!!  Shout it out loud from the hilltops so that everyone knows AND so that everyone shows.  Most athletes can look at a WOD like Monday’s and understand how tough it is going to be.  Sometimes those WODs with long runs and lots of reps and some skill based moves are intimidating… but for some reason they are also what we like to call “crowdpleasers.”  They leave you in a heap of sweat with the feeling that you overcame a huge obstacle that, upon entry to the Hut, you just KNEW you wouldn’t be able to get through.  That leaves a great sense of accomplishment and starts (or even ends) your day with a ‘jolt of positivity and inspiration.

When many athletes look at a WOD like today... one of those heavy days… they often don’t know how to wrap their minds around it.  This is particularly true for those who have not yet experienced the supreme benefits of developing a TRUE foundation of strength. The thought process might look like this: “hmmm… what am I going to do with all that rest, not sure I am going to need it” or “I’d rather get in some cardio”  or the always hilarious “that doesn’t look that tough.”  TRUE strength takes time under tension to be developed.  It takes an understanding that a 5×5 back squat day for volume is really taxing.  And this doesn’t happen until mechanics of movement are done consistently so that a high level of intensity can be brought to the playing field.  It takes a mental and physical acknowledgement that squatting that 5th and final rep took EVERYTHING you had… just like pushing the pace on the final 10 strokes of a 500m row for time.  (you KNOW what that kind of PUSH feels like).  So try and bring that sense of push today.  Do what you can to force a struggle on each of the rounds, on both the thruster and the deadlift.  If you are new- or even still a relative newcomer- this is not your day to overextend yourself.  But if you’re a regular and this ain’t your first heavy day… then bring the intensity!

Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm
For seven rounds, every 4th minute complete:
5 thrusters from the rack and then 5 touch and go deadlifts- finishing all 10 reps in under 45 seconds
Post all 5 loads for each movement to chalkboard/journals
Ex: Mike TH- 52/55/55/50/52, DL 5×115

Wednesday 5pm Olympic lifting specialty class- snatch and OHS

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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