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Tuesday 170314 Power Clean and a Triplet

Congratulations to Laurie who defended her title and is still the US National Masters champion in Olympic weightlifting in her class (weight, age, gender). She hit a 29kg snatch and a 43kg clean and jerk for a 72kg total. Way to represent, Laurie!

Welcome to a few newcomers to the Hut: Peter D joined us 2 weeks ago. He is a personal trainer and relatively new to CrossFit programming though he does have experience with the barbell lifts. He goes by “PD” on the chalkboard because Peter is the most common name at the Hut! Paul Y is midway through Elements training. You recognize him because he has been filming you on Saturdaysduring Open WODs. Returning athlete Paul T is back to group classes with us. He is an avid waterman and is on the pulse of many adventure/action sports. Welcome!

In 17.3, Debby nailed MANY pull-ups over her previous record of ZERO! She is top 300 in the world in 60+ category.

Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Power clean
15 minutes to work up to a heavy 3 rep set
Compare to Feb 25 2016
Five rounds for time of:
25 doubleunders *
15 KB swings- American 24/18kg
Power clean, 1 rep at today’s 3RM weight
Post time, load and any scaling to chalkboards/journals

*plate jumps if you can’t nail these DUs

5pm Open Training Hour

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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