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Friday 170217 Back Squat 1RM

It is understandable that there is some fatigue for those of you who attended a few WODs so far this week.  Especially if you hit two of them between Mon, Tues and Thurs!  And it is understandable if you are not up for a personal record today.  Regardless, come in and get in some heavy squats today.  This was a relatively light week with respect to the loads (though the rep count was high) so it will feel good to get under some weight today.  Even if you do not end of hitting a personal best- you will still do yourself some long-term good to go heavy (-ish). You might even surprise yourself. At least that’s what happened with last Friday’s heavy thrusters

In CrossFit Malibu Intramural Open news.  The first open announcement comes in one week.  Mark your calendar for the next 6 Thursday nights at 5pm and come in to hear what the competition WOD will be for that Friday and Saturday morning (you only have to DO it once).  Of course your calendars are ALREADY marked for each Sturday from Feb 25-April 1!  We have 35 athletes with verbal commitments but only 19 signed up so far.  Click the link in the post above and make sure you choose our CrossFit Malibu Team.

Come to the rainy Saturday WOD this week! It’s the last “regular” Saturday 9:30am partner/team WOD until after the Open. Join us!

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, and again at 3 and 5pm
Back Squat
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