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Wednesday 161214 Front Squats 3RM

How is the daily hanging going for you? Those of you at the hut yesterday did some hanging for max duration. This is a test to try out every now and then… not daily. Once again, the daily practice is to get in a variety of durations all throughout the day- to accrue a total of 7 minutes. This DAILY hanging IS the program!  Switch up the grips- for example Dave brought a new toy to the gym that you can try- a spongy rubber ball that attaches to the pull up bar. You hold it like a ball- making the surface more difficult to grasp- so you might need to keep your feet on a box- or hold with one hand on the bar and the other on the ball. It varies the challenge… and that is good. Lots of talk going on with regards to “what have you put together to hang on at home?” This is important- if you are ONLY hanging at the Hut… you aren’t getting everything that you can out of the challenge. Find other locations, CREATE other locations upon which to hang. Become MORE mobile as you age. Become a gymnast AS you age. Become a gymnast now- so that you can do this when you are 90.

Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm
5pm bodyweight strength and skill specialty class

Front squats
Three rounds for max repetitions of:
1 minute DB deadlifts (AHAP)*
1 minute ring/regular push ups
Post number of total reps for each movement and load to chalkboard/journals
* as heavy as possible

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