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Thursday 161208 Upside Down Helen

November’s inversions get put to use today as we turn Helen on her head.  As you might have already noticed- instead of each round finishing with a run- each will end with a run.  This change is fun because in this scenario, the workout finishes with an all out 400m run.  In standards Helen, all of the runs tend to be paced out… as there is always more work to do afterwards.  Today we change the 12 reps from a “pull” to a “push” that will take most of us a bit longer to complete.  Of course, make sure you scale the movement if a standard handstand push up against the wall is not YET in your wheel house.  Possible alterations to the prescribed HPSU are (in decreasing order of difficulty)handstands done like this:  jet packs, feet on racked barbell, feet on a box, knees on a box, downward dogs.  The KB swings are just like standard Helen- American… unless your overhead mobility is compromised- in which case you can do a Russian swing.  Have fun.

“I’ll be back”…and David has been coming back for  7 years as one of our early CrossFit Malibuites.

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Upside Down Helen
Three rounds for time of:
12 handstand push ups
21 KB swings (24/16kg)
400m run
Post time and scaling to chalkboard/journals

Thursday 5pm Open training hour suggestion:
If you have yet to run, row, bike, swim (or equivalent)- then get in a 6-8 minute bout of all-out push. This means a one mile run or 2000m row for time. After, of course, some warm up and preparation work. Finish up with some accessory strength work like a few sets of Romanian deadlifts, reverse step lunges and weighted pull ups.

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