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WODs for Nov 28 – Dec 3, 2016

Inversion work: final 3 days on M, T, W… then we begin our “hanging month.”
For final handstands- after short warm up, athletes will be given exactly 2 minutes to try and hold for max duration. Athletes should choose a moderate to difficult position to hold. But again, the goal is to try and hold for entire two minutes. This is for the beginning of class on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… For the end of class on these three days- we do one minute for maximum hang from pull-up bar. This is how we will segue into the “month of hanging” which begins on Thursday – we will hang for one minute at the beginning of class and one minute at the end of class. Then as we did for handstands – will continue to increase time and level of difficulty as the month progresses.

Five rounds for time of:
250/200m row
Empty barbell thrusters, 25/20 reps
Toes to bar 15/10 reps
Post time and scaling details to chalkboard
Choose either the A or B scaling for the entire 5 rounds.
Strict cut off at 20 minutes

Monday 5pm Specialty- Underground Strength 3 rounds not for time, but moving with purpose through:
10 KB swings, 1 weighted pull up
15 KB swings, 2 weighted pull ups
20 KB swings, 3 weighted pull ups
25 KB swings, rest for 3 minutes
Russian swings, as heavy as possible, all sets MUST be unbroken OR MUST decrease weight on subsequent KB set, Rx weighted pull up is same weight as KB, scale as needed.
5 rounds not for time, but moving with purpose through:
KB goblet pause squat with same KB, 10 reps
Glute ham raises, 10 reps

Every other minute for 10 rounds of:
3 rep push press from rack, 80% of 1RM
Max burpee pull ups until the 30 second mark on the clock
Rest exactly 90 seconds
Rope climb strength work
Every other minute until the end of class do one rope climb or rope climb skill/strength drill until the end of class.
To increase difficulty, do 2 consecutive reps with butt to ground to finish each rep at the bottom.

Tuesday 5pm Open Training Hour
Consider working on rope climbs, toes to bar if you missed these. Also rowing for distance.

For time, complete:
200m run
90m walking lunge (indoor “B” course x 2)
400m run
90m bear crawl (indoor “B” course x2)
200m run
90m walking lunge
400m run
90m bear crawl
200m run
Post time to chalkboard/scaling
Allow faster “lungers and bears” to pass

Wednesday 5pm Specialty bodyweight strength and skills
Muscle up transition skills and drills, pull-up and dip strength. Also ring push ups and pistols.

Hang squat clean
Post loads for heaviest 5, 3, 1 rep sets to chalkboard/journals

Thursday 5pm open hour training
Consider looking over the WODs earlier in the week and getting in something you missed. If you attended everything, consider more oly tech work, especially if you already did today’s hang squat cleans. Good to move right into some overhead squats, snatch balance and full snatches.

Three rounds for time of:
1200/800m run
35 pull-ups
Post time and scaling to chalkboard/journals

Coach-led mobility until all complete 3 rounder,
Finisher two rounds for time of:
30 medball sit ups (14/8#)
15 medball ground to overhead, jump over burpees

Saturday 930am- a 3 or 4 person BIG CHIPPER.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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