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Monday 161024 Partner TGU and Row

So how’d it go last week with all WODs pre-posted?  It is back to the standard night-before posting and it is your choice to check or not check in advance.  Regardless, it would be interesting to hear your feedback on what you thought of this experiment. Please post your thoughts to comments.

Remember on September 15th when we did the partner row/Turkish Get Up WOD?… it was announced on that day that in about 2 months we would repeat the workout. Well- today is THAT day! Only difference is that the 2 activities will run in reverse order.

Coming this Saturday: get your costume ready, your pumpkin seeds roasted and your side dish or beverage prepared because Saturday morning is our Halloween Event! Also bring your standard sized pumpkin for the 9:30am WOD! If you have been researching recipes- this is the week to test them out. There will be a sign up sheet for anyone setting up a 20″ box to present their Pairing.

Ron goes for fast reps on the KB at Festivus Games
Ron links together some  fast reps on the KB at the Festivus Games at CrossFit Oxnard

Reminder: 5pm tonight is the CrossFit Total Specialty Class Finale’
We will run CrossFit Total from 5-6pm. Arrive a little early to start your warm up

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
On a running clock, for 46 total minutes:
Partner Turkish get ups for total reps
One partner does TGUs for 1 minute -switch places- next partner does TGUs for 1 minute
Continue this for 4 additional rounds
Post total number of reps and load partnership “gets up and back down” for the 10 minute duration, then right into:
6 round partner row for total distance
One partner rows for 3 minutes -switch places- next partner rows for 3 minutes
Continue this for 5 additional rounds.
Post total distance partnership rows for the unbroken 36 minute duration
Compare to Sept 15 2016– but TGU and row were in reverse order

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