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Tuesday 161004 OHS and a Snatch/Row Couplet

Recently in a 4pm class I looked around the group and realized I was the oldest one in the room. Six athletes in the class and not a single person over the age of 27. And you KNOW how rare that is. I joked, “Welcome to CrossFit Kids.”  I was only SORT OF joking.  Some quick and dirty statistics run on Monday’s attendance revealed a mean age of 43.3 years old, n=33.  A bimodal distribution with the bumps at ages 52-63 (9 people) and another at ages 21-28 (9 people).  Only ONE thirty-something and SIX fifty-six year olds (the mode).

CrossFit Malibu is an “old” gym and that is one big characteristic that I love about it (and You). Not that I don’t love the younger athletes… but we expect you to be ass kickers. We anticipate a young newcomer to spend a few weeks at the Hut and then start crushing workouts. We have experienced that these athletes in their 20s will not only make fast gains but they will become really good movers and strong in about a year.  Outside of the world of CrossFit it is generally NOT expected that adults in their 40s can pick up olympic weightlifting or power lifting or basic gymnastics. It has previously NOT been expected that women will get pull ups later in life or that ANYONE would become fitter in their 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s than they have been in their ENTIRE lives.

“When should I expect age to start having a direct impact on my strength?” I have heard SO many times. And my basic response is, “Age has not been a factor in the decline in strength of a single athlete at the Hut who has continued training with us.  Rather all of the numbers have continued to improve.” As has endurance, and power and everything else. Maybe some of our eye sight as degraded over the years… but you can talk to Dr Deb about that one.

Read a recent CrossFit Journal article about some really old CrossFitters HERE.

Cecily (20s) and Manny (50s) push each other in a sprint to the finish in CrossFit Endurance Class.
Cecily (20s) and Manny (50s) push each other in a sprint to the finish in CrossFit Endurance Class.

Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
5pm Open Training Hour

Overhead squat
15 minute limit to a heavy set of 2 reps
Post load to chalkboard/journals/PR whiteboard
For time complete
45/30kg power snatch, 21 reps then row for 9 calories
45/30kg power snatch, 15 reps then row for 15 calories
45/30kg power snatch, 9 reps then row for 21 calories
Post time and load to chalkboard/journals

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