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Friday 160902 Heavy Barbell AMRAP

Welcome to a few new CrossFit Malibu athletes, all Pepperdine students:
Mikaela is a junior at Pepperdine and returns to CrossFit after being introduced in her hometown of Seattle. Whitney, a former Pepperdine basketball player, trained at CrossFit Irvine- where she is from- and continues her final year of undergrad as she begins training with us at the Hut. Leah is from northern California and started at Diablo CrossFit in Danville and she is also entering senior year as a Wave. Introduce yourself to these new athletes… welcome to the Hut!

Today is a heavy AMRAP.  One more time but a little bit louder: THIS IS A HEAVY amrap!  When you think about most “long-ish” workouts, particularly triplets like we have today, they mainly consist of two or more gymnastics type movements and and then perhaps one barbell or other weighted lift.  Today, however, we have a triplet of barbell movements- one single, solitary repetition each, that lasts for 20 minutes.

Either the clean or the push jerk will be the limiting movement… so tailor your weight choice to your weakness.  You will not be able to move through more than a round or 2 per minute… that is- if you do this correctly and go with a weight that it is NOT possible to rep out with any real speed.  Warm up so a heavy bar.  Take short breaks.  Stick with it.  This should take some tenacity.  Go heavy and get through it.

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Mikaela locks out strong in yesterday's snatch and box jump couplet
Mikaela locks out strong in yesterday’s snatch and box jump couplet

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am,3 and 5pm
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes, with an 80/60kg barbell, of:
Deadlift, 1 rep
Squat clean, 1 rep
Push jerk, 1 rep
Post number of rounds and remaining reps and load to chalkboard/journals

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