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Monday 160815 OHS x 2 and Gymnastics Work

Willkommen- we are back to Monday and the new week. A whole new set of WODs to look forward to and to work your way through. We are moving into some warm weather this week- a moderate heat wave here on the coast with temperatures up in the mid-80s and water temps into the 70s. Whatever you do… don’t go “over the hill” because it is going to be FOR REAL hot. Like in the 100s and last time I checked, there wasn’t an ocean there. So stick close to home, make your way to the Hut at some point and if you can… get in the water. By Wednesday there will be some big waves- so if that is not your thing… go for a swim early in the week. And if that IS your thing- then we don’t expect to see you later in the week because you will be putting your fitness to work for you in the waves.

Tonight we have a 5pm “All Things Strength and Power Class”… come try it out. One Tuesday and Thursdays at 5pm there is an open training hour on the schedule. IN today’s WODs you will be working on some gymnastics skills and drills that are individualized. These skills and drills are precisely the type of work that you can get done in a 5pm open training session. If you would like to get some open gym time in at the Hut then come in during these hours. They have not yet been well attended so far at this point… but hopefully you can get in utilize these hours how you see fit.

Rene has returned to NYC... Thanks for spending time with us at the hut! See you st CF Spot in the future.
Rene has returned to NYC… Thanks for spending time with us at the hut! See you at CF Spot in the future.

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Overhead squat
Post max load and number of sets at that load to chalkboards/journals
Compare OHS to
2016: June 17- 5 rep, May 10- 3 rep, March 22- 5 rep, Feb 24- 5 rep, Jan 25- 3 rep,
2015: Sept 28- 1 rep, July 1- 5 rep, April 13- 3 rep, Feb 5- 3 rep,
2014: Dec 16- max rep, Dec 3- 5 rep, Sept 18- 5 rep, Aug 26- 5 rep, Aug 13- 5 rep, July 14- 5 rep, April 17- 5 rep, Jan 15- 5 rep
Individual gymnastics skills and drills

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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