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Thursday 160811 Nine Round Triplet

You’ve already scrolled down to the bottom and read the workout by now… (I know how it goes!)-  and might be feeling a little bit intimidated by the nine rounds of work that you are about to do.  But think about it – how long does it take to do eight dumbbell snatches? Fairly, right? Even though it’s a bit heavy. Then you drop down and do seven specialized push-ups – and even if you have to break them into two or three sets they are still done in 20 seconds or so, 30 at most even in later rounds.  Then over onto your back for a set of six back Burpees.  The first round in about how many seconds? Go ahead, move through a single round and figure out about how long it’s going to take you;  you don’t need to use any weight, you don’t even need to put in a lot of effort… Just estimate about how long a single round is going to take you.  Now that you are done with that you will realize that this is not a 20 minute workout. In fact it should go a lot faster than that. Have fun


Kristin to Howdy and then Howdy to whom?

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
5pm open training hour

9 rounds for time of:
8 DB snatch (60/45#)
7 asymmetric push ups*- one hand on DB handle, other on floor
6 back burpees
Post time and load to chalkboard/journals

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