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Friday 160715 TGUs then Rowing and KB Swing MetCon

Have a great time with this Friday WOD and then remember that there are no classes on Saturday morning at the Hut.  Instead we will meet at Zuma Beach on Saturday morning for an 8:30am “all things ocean” play session.  Bring your fins, body boards and maybe even a surfboard.  This time is for getting in the water and having fun- so if you are already comfortable in the waves- then come swim in the waves with friends.  I like to wear a spring suit because I get really cold- but the water is actually a little bit “warm” right now.  Wear a wetsuit if you like.  IF you are NOT comfortable in the water- we will do some “Summer Water Series” style teaching to help you get more accustomed to getting the water and navigating the waves.  Please come and join in.

We will set up somewhere near the big area of volleyball courts and lifeguard tower 2 at Zuma. There is free parking on PCH between Morning View and Busch Drive. There is pay parking in the Zuma lot- and at this hour of the morning there will be plenty of space. Unsure how much free parking there will be at 9:00… but at 8am there will be TONS… so plan on getting there early and staying late!

Then at 9:30am we will have a beach WOD.  You might choose to just continue in the water- OR join in on the WOD.  All bodyweight and in the sand and shoreline.  Expect to get wet as well.  Look forward to seeing you on Saturday… but first, some Rowing and KB swings!
BEACH WOD this Saturday promo
Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 3 and 5pm
Turkish Get Up Warm up
For time:
Row 1,000/800m
32/24kg Russian KB swings, 25 reps
Row 750/600m
32/24kg Russian KB swings, 35 reps
Row 500/400m
32/24kg Russian KB swings, 45 reps
Post time and load to chalkboard/journals

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