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Thursday 160630 WLC Post Test and 500m Row Pyramid

CrossFit Malibu has participated in 11 Whole Life Challenges. For most of these challenges, we have created our own unique preliminary workouts… which, of course, also are the post-test workouts. Improvement on this pre/post test WODx determines 1/3 of participants’ total points for the challenge. That amounts to a big portion of total points- and that makes sense… because PERFORMANCE is KEY in determining how much someone’s overall health improves. A much more relevant metric related to health than how much one weighs on a scale or how one looks in a bathing suit.

The WOD we do today is one that we used as our preliminary test for this WLC… and we also used it as the pre/post test for WLC in mid-2014. We did it as a regular workout of the day back in Dec of 2015 as well. All this to say: look through you journal at the compare-to dates below… and see if you can improve your score!

The second activity is a pacing drill to get you set for the 500m row personal record attempt. SO MUCH of rowing on the indoor ergometer is simply doing what the monitor tells you to do… KEEP YOUR INTENDED PACE. So we will do two drill sets to try and establish that pace you need to hold. Think of it this way: if you can’t hold that pace for 150m, you won’t be able to hold it for 300m. If you can’t hold it for 300m you won’t be able to hold it for 500m. Let’s see if you can pace your way to a 500m PR row today. (And to clarify- you are NOT expected to PR on the 500m row in the 10 minute WLC WOD!!)

Julia gets a solid set up and aggressive hip drive. Stan opts for levitation mind tricks.
Julia gets a solid set up and aggressive hip drive. Stan opts for levitation mind tricks.

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
5pm Olympic lifting heavy session

WLC Post Test
On a 10 minute clock, complete:
500m row
Then as many rounds as possible in the remaining time of:
20 dumbbell snatch 50/40/30 pounds, single arm, alternate as desired
20 dumbbell goblet squat- same single DB as snatched
20 butterfly ab mat sit ups
Post number of rounds and remaining reps/scaling to chalkboard/journals/PR board
Compare to May 5, 2016, December 9, 2015, May 1/3rd 2014, June 26/28th 2014
500m row pyramid:
Row 150m at precisely 500m PR goal pace
Rest as needed
300m at precisely 500m PR goal pace
Rest as needed
500m row for PR
Post new PR to chalkboard/journals and PR board… Whiteboard too!

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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