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Wednesday 160629 Mixed Presses and DB Burpee Variation

As the month draws to a close, so does this round of 5pm specialty classes.  In fact, tonight at 5pm is the finale of the Rowing/CF Endurance Series – you are encouraged to attend.  On Thursday we complete our series of Heavy Oly assistance work- try that out at 5pm.  
Beginning on July 5th- Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm is open time to do your thing.  One hour set aside for you to lift heavy, do some gymnastics skills and drills, get in your own mobility session OR even get in the workout of the day on your own.  Scheduled-dedicated-TIME- to do your own thing.  Beginning on July 6th- Wednesdays are CrossFit Endurance Specialty Sessions- rowing, running, jump rope and body weight skills, drills and workouts aimed at making you faster.  These are much like the running and rowing series that have happened over the past months.  LOTS of great improvement happening in these.  Beginning July 11th- Mondays are Strength and Power sessions.  Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and/or underground strength can all be expected.  Get involved in 5pm specialty sessions.  They are worth arranging your schedule around in order to participate!

We will be open for a 9:30am training session on Independence Day! Join us for a fun one and then go about celebrating the 4th of July!

Rod cranks through sets of 8 chest to bar pull ups and Kelsey moves the barbell with power in yesterday's Chief Version III
Rod cranks through sets of 8 chest to bar pull ups and Kelsey moves the barbell with power in yesterday’s Chief Version III

Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9 am, 4 and 6pm. Specialty Row Class Finalé 5pm
20 minutes to heavy sets of:
Shoulder press, 3 reps
Single DB press Right arm, 3 reps then Left arm, 3 reps
Post heaviest load for each to chalkboards/journals
Ex: Mike-55kg/50#R/45#L
40/25# DB burpee variation,* 30 reps for time
Post time and DB load to chalkboard/journals.

*one rep is: start in push up plank on DB, renegade row R and L, (no push up!), stand up and deadlift, hang power clean, step lunge R and L, return to plank and repeat… 29 more times.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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