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Wednesday 160615 Big Chipper

Our program is constantly varied… not random.  Which is why sometimes you check the blog for tomorrow’s WOD and say to yourself… “I KNEW that was coming soon!” Monday was a fairly long time domain bodyweight/running WOD and yesterday was a heavy day in the style of CrossFit Total. Today we see a chipper- which typically are the “Fun Times” WODs of CrossFit… typically somewhat longer time domains, often 4 or more movements in the style of Filthy Fifty- and usually seen as a final event in a competition, including the CrossFit Games. These also are the met-con WODs that tend to draw large attendance because they look FUN (and are often deceptively difficult at some point that you didn’t expect it to be- let’s see what you think about today!) That pretty much guarantees a few things about what will happen on Thursday and Friday: that we will likely see some shorter durations and we will likely see couplets, triplets and maybe even something heavy again. Tune in to see how my predictions go.

Get in here for the 5pm Rowing Specialty Class. Here is what I know about row training. IT IS HARD! You know it when you arrive, you feel it the entire time, and you NEVER would have done it on your own. So get in here today and get better at rowing. We have some technique work, a mobility set or 2, and some interval pieces.

Throwback Thursday: Three years ago when Ollie took off from the Hut and started PT school... he graduated last month!
Throwback Thursday on Wednesday: Three years ago  Ollie left the Hut and started PT school… he graduated last month.. his wife just graduated medical school and they moved to Houston, TX!

Wednesday Chipper at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm
Midday Open Training Hour at noon, and 5pm Rowing Specialty class

For time complete:
120 double unders
1000m row
80 squats to medicine ball
60 deadlifts (90/65kg- no dropping)
400m sandbag carry (80/60#)
20 bumper plate facing burpees*
Post time and loads to chalkboard/journals
*Yup, this is a new one. Rx for these burpees means jumping over the barbell’s bumper plates- in the same direction that you’d do a ‘barbell facing burpee- that’s a jump of 45cm high and 45cm long (about 18″)

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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