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Wednesday 160601 Dyno Front Squats and AMRAP 12

grit ɡrit/  noun  courage and resolve; strength of character “he displayed the true grit of a navy pilot”   syn: courage, bravery, pluck, mettle, backbone, spirit, strength of character, moral fiber, perseverance, endurance, determination, resolution, hardiness, toughness, fortitude

Do you have GRIT?

Angela Duckworth’s new book, Grit: the Power and Passion of Perseverance illuminates four key psychological aspects pertaining to the characteristic of “grit”: interest, practice, purpose, and hope. The more passionate an individual is in the topic, the more devoted to the particular craft, the greater sense of meaning which evolves into an optimism that feeds the passion.  It’s a success to the successor feedback loop and when it comes to drawing comparisons to CrossFit training and the four points, the remainder blog post writes itself!

Josh sends us this pic from China... Something about some wall you can see from space.
Josh sends us this pic from China… Something about some wall you can see from space.

Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Midday open training hour. 5pm Rowing Specialty Class launch!
Front Squat Dynamic effort set
As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
35 box step ups (40/25#, 20/16”)
20 renegade rows
10 strict push up burpees***
Post number of rounds and scaling to chalkboard
***BIG jump with EACH burpee with arms up overhead

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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