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Friday 160520 CFG Regionals Event #7 Version

Nanette and Dan have been training for longer distance events over the years. Dan has completed some ultra, ultra outings in preparations for UberMan– a challenge that has athletes (or teams) complete the swim from Catalina to Palos Verdes (21 miles), continuing with a bike ride to Death Valley (500 miles) and then a run up to Mount Whitney (135 miles). Yes it is beyond ultra- it is UBER… and he has done each leg of the challenge. The official launch of the event is this October and believe it or not, there are already people signed up for the individual event, as well as one relay team.

In addition to planning events and training- they have also been racing as well. Most recently the Ocean Canyon Ridge Endurance Challenge (OCR) in Gaviota, Santa Barbara- a 9.5 mile paddle, 26 mile run (sand and hills) and a 38 mile mountain bike course. They have done it before- this year Dan completed the paddle and run… and Nanette won the female division- with a time of 11 hours and 38 minutes. Fastest time EVER for a women! Congrats on your accomplishments! For more details on their races and the UberMan event- just ask them (usually 9am class!)

Former CrossFit Malibu athlete and start opera singer, Madison, is looking for a host for her brother Trey, who will be in Thousand Oaks/Malibu June 7th and 8th. He is in town for a work conference and loves CrossFit. Any host families/individuals please email us- he simply needs a place to sleep.


Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, and again at 3 and 5pm
Midday Open Training Hour at noon

2016 Regionals Chipper WOD #6, a version
1000m run
100ft handstand OR accumulate 100 seconds of handstand hold
10 overhead squats (at May 10th’s workout 3 rep max!- from ground)
500m row
50 burpee box jumps 20/16/12″ up and overs
5 overhead squats
Post time and any modifications to chalkboard/journals
Keep in mind that in the Regionals version- there was a 16 minute cut off!

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