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Wednesday 160518 “Fran”

“Few things will fill you with as much dread.”  And yet few tests reveal the fitness level of an individual as FRAN.  Listen to CrossFit Founder/Owner Greg Glassman talk a little bit about the orgin of this workout HERE.

Over the past month and a half we have done a benchmark girl WOD each week- and we continue with this series today- we bring you Fran.  As you can see by the “compare-to” dates listed at the very bottom of the page, it comes up about once every 8 months.  This is often enough to test your fitness periodically but clearly not enough to train you specifically for the routine of 21-15-9 thrusters and pull ups.  As always when testing a benchmark- use your most recent scaling so that you can compare the results.  If you have not done it before OR if you have already done an “apples-to-apples” comparison and improved- then increase the load and set a new standard for yourself.  The idea is to complete this in about 5-6 minutes.  Today we have a cut off time of 10 minutes.  Consult with your coach to determine a level of difficulty that is right for you!

Watch CrossFit Games legend, Julie Foucher do FRAN as part of a demonstration for Pepperdine’s sports medicine department at a lecture hall on campus.A series of experiments with Holden’s students were done with CrossFit Games athletes to look at the metabolic effects of training on some of the fittest athletes on the planet.  What better WOD to test this than Fran!

Reminder to all Run Series athletes: we meet at 5pm today for some speed work on the trails.  Start in on your warm up and skill work- we begin together as a group at 5:10pm. No jump ropes or watches necessary today.

Luis started out at CrossFit Sandbox a few years ago and has been at the Hut for a few months with the 6am crew
Luis started out at CrossFit Sandbox a few years ago and has been at the Hut for a few months with the 6am crew

Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm
Midday Open Training Hour, 5pm Run Series (meets at Bluffs Park)
“Fran”– culmination of our 6 weeks of benchmarks!
21-15-9 reps/round for time of:
Thrusters (43/30kg)
Pull ups
Post time and scaling to chalkboard/journals.
Compare to:  October 8 2015, September 25 2014, April 1 2014, Feb 21 2014, October 29 2013, May 24 2013, Dec 31 2012, May 21 2012, Aug 11 2011, Dec 28 2010, Aug 30 2010, July 13 2010, Feb 12 2010, Dec 2 2009… as well as a Saturday morning at some point in the early months of 2013 and on a Saturday at 8:45am in recent months.

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