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Tuesday 160426 Endless Work

Ever feel like life is an endless cycle of work? Like you never seem to get everything done? As if there is always more to do, always something else to accomplish?

Well, today’s workout will not give you any relief from that feeling as this is a “Chipper-style/AMRAP”: four movements, you get 5 minutes each to move as much weight and/or get as many reps as possible. Never enough, always more.

But there IS good news! It only lasts 20 minutes and during that struggle you have the opportunity to accomplish plenty. You can learn tolerance for adversity. You might just develop strength, endurance, mobility, and become more agile and coordinated. You could quite possibly find ways to work through negative mental programming and perhaps see that you ARE improving your abilities in numerous ways.

Of course, all of those things can be gained in within the aforementioned “endless cycle of work” in everyday life as well… as long as you take the perspective that this is all a learning opportunity.  Have a nice day.

Holden is completely accustomed to putting in the work- but that doesn't mean it is any easier for him!
Holden is completely accustomed to putting in the work- but that doesn’t mean it is any easier for him!

Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, and 9am, again at 4 and 6pm
Midday Open Training Hour at noon, 5pm Mob/Core/Mob Session

On a continually running clock:
5 minutes of weighted muscle ups* for max load
5 minutes of max rep candlesticks
5 minutes of Turkish get ups for max load
5 minutes of max rep double unders
Post load/reps/load/reps to chalkboard/journals
Ex: Mike-180kg/35 Candlesticks/800kg/250 DU
*sub- weighted pull ups, weighted dips

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