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Monday 160418 Heavy Thrusters

We begin a new SIX WEEK SERIES of SPECIALTY CLASSES THIS WEEK! Take a read through the offerings and chose one of the three classes. Yes, chose ONE. Chances are you are still going to be attending 2-4 regular WOD classes during the week and with one specialty class session- that adds up to a full week of training.
                    But don’t I need 5+ WODs AND a few 5pm specialty sessions?
No nO NO no and still no. You don’t.  Some people do need this amount of volume, but I know from experience that YOU do not. And yes, I am talking to YOU… not the guy standing behind you: )   If you’d like more info on that-  let’s talk later. Now on to the offerings:
Mondays at 5pm: Underground Strength- work capacity
Simple, straightforward movements and tests of work capacity. Moving large loads, long distances, quickly. The focus is on building a broad base of strength that can be applied to all other areas of life and fitness. Your power lifts, olympic lifts, and body weight strength will all improve- as will your stamina and endurance. Relatively non-technical movements, very tough workouts, you will improve physically and mentally with these 6 sessions. Purposeful, meaningful suffering.
Tuesdays and Thursdays 5pm: Mobility/Midline/Mobility Hour
Each 1 hour session beings with 20 minutes of mobility work- then moves into a 20 minute set of core/abs/midline strength and conditioning, finishing with another 20 minutes of mobility (different from the first 20 minute set). These 3 blocks will complement each other, will vary across the weeks, and will assist you in building strength and stability to go along with your gymnastics, weightlifting and calisthenics in standard classes. In addition to those who will attend the entire hour: The first 20 minute block of mobility is great for those finishing up the 4pm class. The final 20 minute block is ideal for those entering into the 6pm class. Use these classes as you like: in bit size pieces OR as the whole sandwich. Come and go as you need.
Wednesdays at 5pm: Running Specialty
Skills, drills and work sets to improve your sprinting and running (notice the word “jogging” was not used!) Develop your stride, body mechanics and improve your overall strength AND confidence in running. All ability and fitness levels encouraged to attend however, this is NOT for athletes with current running related problems like plantar fasciitis or those nursing other chronic lower leg injuries. This is also intended for athletes who can attend all 6 sessions- as they build week by week. Bring a digital watch and a jump rope.

Anonymous entry #1 for 6th Annual CrossFit Malibu coloring contest. Still accepting submissions.
Anonymous entry #1 for 6th Annual CrossFit Malibu coloring contest. Still accepting submissions.

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm.
Midday Open Training Hour and Underground Strength at 5pm
Heavy Thrusters
5-5-5, 2-2, Max reps
One final set of max reps at 80% of 2 rep set
Post loads of 5 rep, 2 rep and number of reps at final set
Ex: Mike- 5x58kg, 2x67kg, 54kg for 7 reps

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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