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Wednesday 160413 Back Squat 5×5

So far this week we have had an all body weight AMRAP benchmark girl WOD- Cindy.
Next was another max rep triplet but of heavy jerks, some gymnastics TTB and jumps.

And today we change modes and go with a heavy “five by five.” For many exercisers out there this is one of the most critical aspects of fitness that is missed. Rather… it seems to be purposefully avoided- particularly for the “cardio kids” who typically gauge a workout’s relative effectiveness by the amount they sweat. But there is nothing like stimulating the body’s nervous system that is accomplished like some  heavy lifting. Especially a 5×5 because so much ground is covered with these heavy sets. The most obvious is the strength and power needed to develop the big movers of the body- the largest and most relied upon muscle groups of the legs and torso: quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back. The deep core and stabilizers are critically important- when the midline is forced to remain strong, the spine rigid and the pelvis held neutral amongst all the muscles pulling on it in all directions. There is muscular endurance needed to push through a single set of 5… and then taxed again 4 more times- heart rate rising quickly, particularly with thoracic tension shooting through the roof to provide necessary stabilization.  And there is, of course, the mental struggle of stepping up to that loaded barbell 5 times- each set not 100% sure that success will be met.  Overcoming negative voices inside telling you that it can’t be done ANOTHER set of 5.  Repeatedly lifting something heavy builds confidence and trust in one’s self- in a way that can’t be taught by running a mile or tackling a tough met-con.

If you think I am picking unfairly on the cardio-endurance crowd… wait till we explain Thursday’s WOD and get to pick on the meathead weightlifters!

Mr USA sets up for another big set of front squats in Open WOD 16.6a
Mr USA sets up for another big set of front squats in Open WOD 16.6a

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Back Squat
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