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Thursday 160407 FGB Style

In case you missed the excitement this past Saturday… here is a recap of 16.6

a. Dawn of the Deadlift (DOTD) took the Front Squat/Shuttle Sprint event on Saturday with mom/son duo Gaby and Rocky getting an early lead and maintaining it for the win and the first 6 points of the day. The battle for second place was epic with a true photo finish with Erin of the Bu Crew edging out Chloe from Luxtremely Strong by a fraction of a second.  Their respective partners Luke (aka Mr America Pants) and Alex put them each in contention.  This would prove to be the only 4th place finish for Quad Squad

b. Quad Squad rallied from a 4th place finish in the initial WOD and then dominated the Row/Tire Flip couplet.  No surprise with Kyle anchoring the effort- as he just about doubled the power output of any other athlete… expect for Dusty- who happens to be the Quad Squad team captain!  Continuing the dramatic fight for second place, Bu Crew and DOTD were only .175 points apart in this event.

c. The TTB/Burpee/KB/Squat for time was a combination of team work, communication, transition speed and endurance and DOTD came up with the win; followed by Quad Squad, Bu Crew and Luxtremely Strong.  In this event, teams finished with about 1 minute between each of their nearest competitors

d.  This was the only Open competition Saturday in which no attendance points were awarded- however, number of athletes played a big role in the win for the LLLDQ (Large Loads Long Distances Quickly) Event.  The 9 athletes from Bu Crew moved lots of heavy stuff about 150m in under 2 minutes, Quad Squad and Luxtremely Strong placed second and third only 18 seconds apart, with the few members of DOTD bringing up the rear in this event.

Overall for the Event 16.6 the standings were:

  • Bu Crew and DOTD tied for equal first with 17 points each
  • Quad Squad earned a week-high total of 16 points for the second place finish
  • Luxtremely Strong earned 10 points for fourth

As you all know- Bu Crew took home the CFM Hall of Fame Trophy, DOTD earned second, and finally Quad Squad overtook Luxtremely Strong on the final day to steal third. In all- this was a fun way to wrap up the Reebok CrossFit Open 2016- look forward to next year’s event.  It’s been said already quite a few times this week… we have already started training for next year.  Brainstorming new teams, uniforms and WODs that were better than 2016 is certainly going to take a full year!  And who knows what other events will take place in which YOU might earn a spot on the Hall of Fame Team Trophy.

Megan and Jaxon stand in for Capt. Michelle in acceptance of the CFM Hall of Fame Trophy on behalf of the Bu Crew
Megan and Jaxon stand in for Capt. Michelle in acceptance of the CFM Hall of Fame Trophy on behalf of the ‘Bu Crew.  The USA/Team America/Red White and Blue theme took home gold.

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Midday Open Training Hour, 5pm Strength class

Fight Gone Bad Style
3 rounds of 5 minutes each, max reps for one minute each of these movements:
100/75 kg deadlift (no dropping!)
Hand release push up
Ring row 16″ box under heels
KB swing 32/24kg Russian
Overhead plate step lunge 25/15kg
Rest exactly one minute

Post total reps for each of the 3 rounds and final total.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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