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Monday 160404 Cleans and Shots

Moving into the month of April means new opportunities for YOUR name on the personal record board… and there are plenty of chances beginning this week.

Some names/activities that stand out as I look at the list of PRs from March:

Teddy completed his Elements courses in early March and got to post-test his CrossFit Baseline… he took over a minute off his initial time and in a five minute workout that means a whopping 20% improvement.

Speaking of large percentage improvements… check out Dusty’s 16.5 repeat.  After two years of CrossFit- he cut his time in HALF! From Over thirty minutes to fifteen minutes.  Crazy!

Lincoln blew out the WLC pretest with a 2+ minute improvement… again a 20% drop in his time for the KB swing/front squat WOD.  As you likely know his talents extend beyond fitness… check out his performance series “Up Against the Screen II”, a free experience in the Pepperdine amphitheater featuring an original score set to a movie.

Others who took off between one and two minutes on the WLC pre/post test were Dusty Deana, Dr Deb, Mike, and Luke.

Some firsts include Gaby, Chad, Bruce K, Nanette all getting their first (and then multiple) bar muscle ups… one of the “consequences” of the CrossFit Games Open pushing athletes to go just a little bit harder.  Teddy and Howdy both got their first as well as multiple improvements on their double unders.

On the barbell, Bruce has some excellent improvements going over head- including moving from 2 reps at 65 to 3 reps at 70kg on his push press AND also setting a new 1 rep max shoulder press at 60kg.  Kelsey jumped up big on her overhead squats going 3 sets of 5 reps at 35kg after getting just one set of 5 at 32kg at least 6 weeks ago.

In the cardio realm, both Andy and Michelle blew the doors off their 2k row with improvements of nine and sixteen seconds, respectively.  Megan happened to take 95 seconds off her mile run sort of by accident, during the gradually increasing paced mile run 2 weeks ago (remember that one?).

Of course, there were MANY MORE on that list… spend some time checking it out AND congratulating appropriately!

A name that didn’t get put up on the list yet is Laurie… as she was in Atlanta late last week to set not only her personal records on her competition olympic lifts, but she also broke the United States national records for masters 70+ for the snatch, clean and jerk and competition totals during the US National Masters Championships.  Congrats Laurie- will get you more details on her meet experience later in the week.

Congrats all athletes with PRs during the month of March!
Congrats all athletes with PRs during the month of March!

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