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Monday 160321 DB Strength Complex and Triplet Challenge.

Good news to announce for Jon K, family and friends… last week Jon underwent a successful liver transplant.  The surgery went well and despite currently being in ICU- he will transfer to a regular hospital bed in the coming days.  Jon had a tumor that doctors were aware of and monitoring for many years.  A number of weeks ago he had an exploratory procedure to see if they could remove it- but found out it was too complicated.  The only chance for Jon to regain normal functioning and a new lease on life- was via transplant.  Through miraculous, last minute circumstance it happened.  More news about Jon in coming days. Yesterday he said, “I will see you back at the Hut in no time!”

Don’t forget to post your 16.4 score to the CrossFit Games site by 5pm today!

The 16.4 Deadlift, WB Shot, Rowing and Handstand Push Up WOD seemed to be a crowd favorite on Saturday morning- huge energy in the Hut and great scores across the board. Many, many CrossFit Malibu athletes beat the Air Force Cadets who performed at the live 16.4 announcement- making it to the end of the row AND getting in some pushes to finish out the 13 minute chipper. Think about this: “in-training” military athletes were beaten handily by those of us at CFM. Now let’s remember that they were under pressure performing in front of a live audience and webcast and they were at altitude… but mainly they didn’t go about this workout very intelligently. Remember that the person who does the MOST work fastest wins…. and in this case breaking up the sets into manageable chunks was THE way to go. No prize for who finishes the deadlifts first and I think these 3 got sucked into the moment and didn’t fully comprehend the task at hand.  CONGRATS to all athletes- and let’s get ready for 16.`5


Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Open Training Hour at noon- last chance for 16.4!
5pm Strength class

DB Strength complex
Five rounds NOT for time of:
5 DB deadlifts (one side of DB must touch ground) AHAP… RX is 70/50#
5 DB hang power cleans
5 DB front squats
5 DB push press
Post load for each round to chalkboard/journals
Mike: 2@45, 3@50kg (PR from 4 @45,1@50kg)
Compare to:
August 12 2015, April 22 2015, June 24 2014, Feb 3 2014, Oct 2 2013, Feb 6 2013, Sept 26 2012, June 12 2012, June 8 2011.
3 person team challenge- athletes “A, B, C” do the following WOD to see who can generate the most points
First set:
A rows as many calories as possible until B and C accumulate 50 reps.
B does hand release push ups, C does long leg sit ups. Once this set is done- each athlete writes down the number of points they get for that round. A= number of calories rowed, B= number of pushups, C= number of sit ups.
Second set:
B rows, C does push ups, A does sit ups
Third set:
C rows, A does push ups, B does sit ups
Rest until all 3 are ready to begin the next round
All teams work at their own pace. 15 minute time limit to complete the challenge.
Post each athlete’s total points to chalkboard.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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