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Wednesday 160316 Three Parts

So what do you think 16.4 will have in store for us?  And I say “US”- including all CrossFit Malibu athletes, because even those of you not signed up for the Open still have the opportunity to do the WOD each week because it is programmed every Friday in all classes.  So- what do you think it will be?  

Gymnastics movements we have seen before but not yet in 2016 include: handstand push ups, box jumps and ring muscle ups (though the bar muscle ups given most of us the feeling that we won’t see them on the rings this year).  For gymnastics movements we haven’t seen- the pistol seems to be the front runner in terms of a new one that could potentially show up this coming week.

Barbell movements that we could see include thrusters, deadlifts, push presses, overhead squats or even sumo deadlift high pulls.  History has shown that thrusters have a very high likelihood of showing themselves for the final WOD- so this coming week it could be one of those other three.  There have never been any straight up front squats- which I think would be interesting… except for that my legs are still sore from this past Monday’s WOD, so hopefully not!

Other movements possible are wall ball shots and rowing.  Personally I am guessing a repeat of 15.5 for 16.5 (row and thrusters) so my guess for this coming week is that wall ball shots are going to be in there somewhere.

Then of course what type of template will be used…  Something for time or an AMRAP?  A couplet, triplet or chipper?  Spend a few minutes thinking it through and be sure to get your guess down on paper and submitted in the envelope on the chalkboard.  Then show up on Thursday night for the 16.4 WOD announcement at 5pm.

We are prepping some new equipment and have a request from you all… especially those of you who need to clean out your closets.  We are looking for donations of pillow cases and duffle bags and/or backpacks.  Nothing fancy- in fact simple is best- and don’t give us anything that could be put to good use elsewhere.  But they do need to be in good enough condition that they have no holes and have zippers in working condition.  THANKS in advance.
Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm
Midday Open Training Hour at noon and mobility at 5pm
Three Part WOD:
I. Gymnastics basics: spend 10 minutes on the clock rotating through:
10 candlesticks, 10 partner glute ham raises, 10 strict knees to H sit hold or L sit hold (3-5 seconds in the hold), 10 superman slow and controlled,  and repeat…

II. 10 minutes to a 2RM push press from rack.
Post 2RM to chalkboard/journals

III. 2000m row for time- a PR attempt.
Post time to chalkboard/journals/PR board.
Compare to August 3 2015

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