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Monday 160229 Post 16.1 Chipper

A HUGE CrossFit Malibu congratulations to Lincoln and Elizabeth on the birth of their new baby girl, “Telly!”  Glad to hear that everyone is health and doing well.  Cant wait to meet her someday at the Hut!

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What a way to finish up last week- with 16.1! After Thursday night’s Open Announcement Party everyone was psyched up and ready to lunge, burp and pull… and it was a stellar showing over the next 2 days. Friday morning saw a huge turn out for many who wanted to get 16.1 over and out- with many more who showed up just to warm up, strategize, judge and cheer on all our Friday competitors. Friday afternoon saw an additional handful of athletes strut across the yard with a barbell overhead.

Then Saturday morning- for the big event- the 5 teams each had great representation: the ‘Bu Crew took home the 16.1 Spirit Award complete with their Team Headgear, homemade signage and 100% athlete attendance with the WOD. All 4 team members of Coaches R Us did the WOD- with David getting extra credit for the post-surgical scaled version of 16.1… done sort of with only 1 functioning shoulder! Luxtremely Strong were in full stride with their red and black uniforms, the Quad Squad had many newcomers to the Hut, and Dawn of the Deadlift racked up dozens of rounds of 16.1. A HUGE and supportive crowd… this was an amazing start to the 2016 Open Season. Look forward to spending the next 5 weeks with you (and save the date for Saturday April 2- our CFM event)

Some reminders: get your scores in today at 5pm- that is an absolute cut off- not our deadline but CFHq’s! You must input to your CrossFit Games account (where you signed up for the open) and we will validate that score. Your score will then be shown on the leaderboard. In just about every case- we think it is NOT a good ideas to repeat 16.1… but if you missed it entirely, then a last chance effort can be made at noon on Mondays. Priority is given to those who have not done the WOD yet (rather than repeaters)- class ENDs at 1pm- so plan accordingly.

Monday Morning 6am Session- a newly scheduled class begins today!

Chad and Megan Designs, Brody shoulders the DB lunge, Alex and Des , Andy cheers on Jess's c2bs!
Chad and Megan Designs, Brody shoulders the DB lunge, Alex and Des catching some rays, and Andy cheers on Jess’s c2bs for Dawn of the Deadlift!

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Midday Open Hour noon-1pm, Strength Class 5pm
16.1 Hangover Chipper
For time:
1,000m row
90 walking lunges
80 abmat sit ups
60 Russian KB swings 24/18kg
40 push ups
20 deadlifts 100/75kg (no dropping)
Post time and scaling to chalkboard/journals

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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