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Thursday 160211 Press 5×5 +

It has been a month since the family and I left Malibu  And not exactly a carefree month-long vacation as you can probably imagine. Of course we miss being at home, around friends and family in Southern California, able to schedule our days entirely as we see fit and participating in all of the events at CrossFit Malibu that we seem to be missing out on. Yet it has definitely been a gift to be able to be there for family for these past weeks.  Thanks so much to you all who sent words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers – that has meant a lot.

When we planned our initial 9 day vacation, I knew completely that you were left in very capable hands with Kolby, Josh, and Jordan. Then with one week turning into two weeks turning into one month…these guys truly took charge and I am very grateful to have had this coaching crew taking care of all of our athletes- all of YOU. They have done a stellar job- and it was encouraging to receive to all of the notes and messages that you sent telling me so.  I’m sure you have told them in person as well.

During the past month I have done some training at CrossFit Cape Cod – A gym that I’ve been to quite a few times during our travels here. They have a great facility, do a solid job coaching classes, and the programming is fun and effective. And yet it’s not CrossFit Malibu – with you all!

We are happy to say that Kristin’s dad is doing very well- has recovered from a procedure and is doing better than ever, all things considered.  Also glad to be heading back to California this weekend- so we will see you next week!

Remember meeting Erin and Liz on the blog yesterday (or in a class recentl)?.... Well here they are trading free sled rides. Watch out Uber.
Remember meeting Erin and Liz on the blog yesterday (or in a class recently)?…. Well here they are trading free sled rides. Watch out Uber.

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Midday open training hour, Specialty Oly at 5pm
Shoulder press
today can be handled in one of two ways:
-as a volume set: post number of sets of 5 at the heaviest load (or)
-as a 5RM set: post 5RM

-then cardio sprint finisher-
For time:
100m row
200 double unders
300m row
400m run
Post time to chalkboard.
For time capped DUs: post time and total DUs done.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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