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Wednesday 160203 Weights and Static Holds

The CrossFit methodology is based on the idea that an athlete is taught, learns, and  develops movement techniques and then refines these patterns over time.  As technique improves intensity then is increased.  The goal is the titrate these variables that are seemingly at odds.  Push intensity to the edge… so that movement mechanics don’t break down.  Push too far and there MIGHT be consequences.  Don’t push enough and there WON’T be performance increases.  Work on both and gain both.

It is possible AND necessary to train movement mechanics of ALL kinds.  Musicians that develop poor technique in holding their instruments suffer the effects- even to the extent that their ability is lost.  Jobs that require repetitive movements put workers at physical risk to the extent that managers/owners should train movement mechanics not only for worker-welfare but also ultimately for the bottom line.

And then we have the sport of running- or jogging as it was initially called.  This is an activity that has such a low barrier to entry that most people can become a runner/jogger in a matter of minutes.  3, 2, 1, put one foot in front of the other- you are a runner.  Pay $150 and spend 6-8 hours slogging over 26.2 miles of pavement and you earn the distinction of being a marathoner!  And yet there are many things to learn/teach about good running mechanics.  Of the hundreds that run by me last week… I counted THREE with great running technique.  And while I can’t say the remainder were doing it WRONG per se… but they could learn a lot.  Did you know that about 70% of runners sustain an overuse injury within a given 12 month period?  (That does NOT include accidents and injuries like sprained ankles and falls- those are categorized as acute injuries).

The interesting aspect to learning good technique with running is that you have to have some intensity in order to run with proper mechanics.  A jogger plodding along simply cannot do it well.  Speeding it up just a bit to have a slightly forward inclination and landing quietly on the front of the foot is the correct way to go about it (and yes- that is overly simplified!)  Lean forward.  Quiet feet.  Landing in the forefoot.  Three basic keys to proper running stride.  Makes cleans look easy 🙂

Reminder about the SINGLE Saturday 9:30am class this weekend… shooting for one single BIG group session.  Wear your CrossFit Malibu gear for a group picture afterwards!

You don't know us… we are random runners in Central Park last Sunday. Among the thousands of joggers with technique almost painful to watch
You don’t know us… we are random runners in Central Park last Sunday. Among the thousands of joggers enjoying fresh air & getting  beneficial exercise with technique almost painful to watch

Wednesday’s WOD- Meat Head Meets Gymnasty
Classes at 7 and 9am, and again at 4 and 6pm.
Midday Open Training Hour and 5pm Games Prep Strength class
4 rounds, not for time and for moderate load of:
Romanian deadlift, 5 reps
Reverse step lunge, 10 reps (from rack)
Post attendance only to chalkboards
Static Hold Sets
Four rounds for max duration hold and prescribed rest of:
20 second hanging L-sit hold, rest for remainder of minute
30 second depth squat with 10/5kg plate held out front, rest for remainder of minute
40 second forearm plank hold, rest for remainder of minute
50 second handstand hold, rest for 30 seconds.

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