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Wednesday 160120 Three Round Triplet

Fast fast heavy, fast fast heavy, fast fast heavy.  Read the WOD.  Now you get it.  The focus of the double unders and 400m SPRINTs is speed. Sure you need to be in control with that rope lest you face moderate flesh wounds (Rx Ropes should diversify their product offerings and feature a cat-of-nine-tails rope… nothing more than a good flogging to keep your level of concentration and focus high).   For a solid jump roper these could go down in less than a minute.  For those of you still working on them, spend no more than 2 minutes here, otherwise you miss the point of the FAST part.  Non-DUers, singles will suffice.

This run is NOT a rest before the dumbbell work.  This pace needs to be pushed.  Note each of your run times by checking the clock on entrance and exit- keep these at a pace that is some seconds under your one mile run time trial pace.  Each run should be at a moderately uncomfortable pace.

Finally the weighted portion of this triplet comes in the form of DB split jerks.  This means two things- 1.) you should make these heavy.  You have only one DB and two strong legs to drive it up there. “But only one arm is pushing,” you say… and I counter with this: :yea, but if your jerk is good- you get to stand that thing up with a minimum amount of pressing.”  and 2.) These take balance, coordination, and agility.  The mechanics of the split jerk should be technically strong.  Then the feet need to be stepped back to parallel before the DB begins traveling back to the ground after lock out.  This will take some really solid footwork and good timing. Make ’em smooth… not herky jerky.  After the double unders and sprint- this will be even more difficult.  BE with the heaviness, make the footwork and the movement sequence look and feel good.

Darryl hitting depth… 75 times with Nancy a few weeks ago.
Darryl hitting depth… 75 times with the CF benchmark workout, Nancy,  a few weeks ago.

Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm
Noon Midday Open Training, Games Open Strength Class 5pm
Three rounds for time of:
80 double unders
400m sprint
20 single DB split jerks, alternate arms as desired (70/50#DB)
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