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Wednesday 160113 Back Squat EOM

Welcome to our visiting coach who will be with us at the Hut through next week Saturday.  My name is Jordan Smith and I am excited to be back at CrossFit Malibu for the next 2 weeks.  The Hut is a special place for me and I look forward to spending time with great friends and the community that changed the way I think about health and fitness.  I completed my Pepperdine Sports Medicine internship at CFM in 2012 (as the 4th intern in the CrossFit Malibu intern/coaches preparation program), graduated Pepperdine in 2013, and continued teaching CrossFit Kids and adult classes for about 6 months after graduation.  For the past year I have been the director for CrossFit Kids at ProjectMove in Littleton, CO where I coach 6-14 year olds as well as some regular adult group classes.  I love playing outside and am very ready to trade the Denver snow for a bit of Malibu sunshine

Looks like Jake should be arriving today from Oxnard.  Follow him on the FB page that is documenting his ride.  Also you can donate to the cause HERE.

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Wednesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.
Midday Open Training Hour and 5pm Strength Class/Games Open Prep
Back squat, 2 reps (AHAP)
Every other minute for 15 sets
Post TOTAL weight lifted to chalkboard/journals
Add up ALL 30 squats and post total

PS- for those of you who follow the CrossFit Main page: keep in mind that the 160114 workout at the Hut (which will the the WLC prelim) was written WEEKs before the 160113 CF Main page WOD was posted 🙂 That’s just an FYI

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