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Tuesday 160112 Split Jerk 5×3

If you didn’t happen to visit this blog on Friday night, then you likely overlooked the video below. Please watch it. Not just because it is a touching story of a person doing something selfless for other people… but because Jake, the cyclist, will be pedaling into the Hut on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Rain or shine he will be here… but we are not exactly sure of the exact time/day.

Assuming he will be riding about 40-50 miles on his way here from the Ventura area, I would estimate his arrival time in the late afternoon. As soon as we get word- I will post it on our Facebook page. It would be great to have a big crew at the Hut when he arrives.  Stay tuned.

I invited Jake to stay with us- here at the Hut at the very least- yet I am pretty sure that one of you will invite him home to stay with you.  There is already a volunteer host in the case that he arrives on Thursday…is there a willing host should he arrive on Wednesday? Please text or email and let me know. I am sure after watching the video YOU will want the opportunity to be part of this amazing journey

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Split jerk
Set 1RM pull up and establish a baseline of handstand hold for max duration

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