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Monday 160111 “Karen”

What I did for my winter vacation: by David B
I stayed in Malibu from Christmas through New Years. On Christmas Day, Lisa and I did “Holiday Helen” (Helen at the Santa Monica stairs). We had Christmas dinner with the Halbreichs. Made some of my famous Split Pea Soup on both nights. Got engaged (to Lisa) on New Years at 12:01am. Perfect timing. We hiked Solstice Canyon and went sailing. It was a great Staycation.

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Our Preliminary WOD will be done as part of all WOD sessions this Thursday and then for the final time on Saturday at 8:45am.

Easy now… he was definitely full depth. The big question: how was his range of motion down on one knee?
Easy now all you arm-chair functional fitness competition judges… he was definitely full depth. The big question: how was his range of motion while he was down on one knee?

Monday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm
Midday open training hour, 5pm Games Prep Strength
For time:
150 wall ball shots (20# to 10′, 14# to 9′)
Post time and scaling to chalkboard.

Compare to Dec 12 2010. If you have done the CrossFit Games Open you might have done “Karen” as the first 150 reps of 12.4, 13.3. (150 wall ball shot, 90 double under, 30 muscle up AMRAP in 12 minutes)

Strict 15 minute cut off.

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