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Friday 160108 Row Burpees Run

If you’ve been around CrossFit Malibu a while you have had some brushes with CrossFit royalty.  Coach pops in a few times each year, Games athletes like Jason Khalipa, Kristan Clever, Matt Chan, and Becca Voigt have done rowing Helen at the Hut and Julia Foucher stayed with us for an entire week (remember how shy Coach Ollie was when he was around her?!:)  CrossFit commentator Pat Sherwood dropped in for a WOD of heavy cleans one night and Dave Castro has even been here… both of them former Navy SEALs by the way!
The WOD today is taken from crossfit.com back in 2012 when CFHq posted a “WOD-Demo” each day.  It featured a CrossFit coach teaching the crossfit.com workout of the day in their own, style- as they would present it to a group class at their box.  Here is CrossFit Malibu’s turn at the crossfit.com WOD Demon.  We have some fun videos of these of these experiences on our media page… check them out.
The man in fifty shades of CrossFit Malibu grey cranks through his scott-ups.
The man in fifty shades of CrossFit Malibu grey cranks some scott-ups, thinking about his fiancé
Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 3 and 5pm
Noon Open Training Hour
CrossFit.com WOD from November 2 2012-  watch this DEMO of the WOD here.
Three rounds for time of:
500m row
21 burpees
400m run (non runners must do 50 SDLHP with a 20kg KB here!)
Post time and scaling to chalkboard

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