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Monday 160104 Front Squat 5×5

Welcome back to the Hut. It is Monday morning and we look forward to getting the first official work-week off right by starting the day off with CrossFit! Those of you who have been around a while understand the absolute necessity of heavy days. And this is one of those days. Front squats, heavy; followed by some accessory work. See you here.

What I did over my winter vacation: By Mike
Reflecting on that two week period leading up to Christmas and winding down from New Years- I was able to do a variety of activities. It started off with a weekend-long CrossFit seminar that I attended in Del Mar. Every 5 years CrossFit requires trainers to attend another “level-1 seminar” to review the foundations- a fun weekend of movement, a few WODs, and I passed the exam, again. 🙂

The entire family made the trip and we stayed an extra night- so we got to stroll through Del Mar, hike around Torrey Pines Reserve (with sleeping babies in stroller) and we even swam in the outdoor pool. The picture above is one of the WOD locations for me: I looked up to the top of the hill and wondered how long it would take to get there. It turns out it took 5:28 of chest heaving, blood pumping, hands and knees scrambling and crawling… and exactly 5 minutes to get down.

This was one of a few Spartan-specific training sessions I was able to do. A few others included a few very short and intense trail runs (with and without sandbags)… and of course a number of workout-of-the-day sessions at the Hut. The most memorable: the Chief-Like 5 sets with squat cleans, burpees and deadlifts.

But of course, the most memorable part of the break was NOT the CrossFit seminar, or the training sessions, but Christmas morning with the family 🙂 The kids loved opening presents, I think even more than playing with the toys!, and we loved just sitting back and watching. I hope you enjoyed your holiday season… look forward to hearing about it on your first day back at the Hut!

Find a hill…and run to the top= a good 10 minute workout! View from parking to the tree at the top… and one from the tree looking down to the parking lot below!
Find a hill…and run to the top= a good 10 minute workout! View from parking to the tree at the top… and one from the tree looking down to the parking lot below!

Specialty classes this month revolve around CrossFit Games Open preparation… these classes will focus on the basic skills and strength that have shown up most often in past years’ Open.  It is no coincidence that these foundational skills and strength movements are critical to high levels of fitness no matter what your goal.  Open to all members, all skill levels, regardless of whether you will compete in the Open.

Monday WODs at 7 and 9am, 4 and 6pm
Open Training at noon and Strength class at 5pm
Front squat
5-5-5-5-5 volume set
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posterior chain accessory work

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