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Thursday 151217 Heavy EMOM Fran

I asked Dan to write a composition on the topic of what he did to celebrate his 50th birthday, here is what he managed to come up with!:

For their 50th birthdays some guys get a bright red Porsche. I decided to try a little experiment: average “middle age man with three days of CrossFit per week, and six months training, completes Uberman Ultra Triathlon.”
Part one: swim 21 miles from Catalina to Palos Verdes. Swam 5 miles per day for four days in September. No sharks, not even a guppy in site. Global warming good for Ocean swimming as water temp hits 77 degrees in Pacific. Had boat and kayakers for company and moral support.
Part two: bike 400 miles from Palos Verdes to Death Valley. Rode 100 miles over 4 days last week, mostly solo. Riding at night with an iPhone as a spotlight not recommended. CrossFit’s emphasis on rigid neutral spine helped neck and back fatigue.
Part three: run 135 miles from Badwater Basin (200 ft below sea level) to Mt Whitney trailhead (8,000 ft). Ran 26 miles per day for 5 days solo and unsupported. Stashed Gatorade along route and stayed in strange motels. Lots of empty road and time to regurgitate events of last fifty years.
All in all a good adventure. This October ten real athletes will do the entire course consecutively. If you want to join check out : www.Uberman1.com

Next year I ‘ll just get the Porsche!

all pictures courtesy of www.uberman1.com Visit the site to see more shots
all pictures courtesy of www.uberman1.com Visit the site to see more shots

Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm.
Midday Open Training Hour, Olympic lifting tech class 5pm

“Heavy EMOM Fran”
Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes:
Thruster, 3 reps (from rack) -even rounds
Weighted pull up, 3 reps -odd rounds (emerging pull upers do eccentric strength work)
Total weight for all 10 rounds of thrusters and all 10 rounds of pull ups
Post both totals to chalkboard/journals.
expect a short and sweet finisher of some mildly agonizing sort

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