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Tuesday 151208 A Ted Memorial WOD

A Repost from today, 6 years ago: Tuesday evening, December 8 (2009), at about 5:15pm our friend Ted was killed when he was hit by a car while walking with his dog on Corral Canyon Road.  Ted was one of the first members of CrossFit Malibu, part of the 5pm Mon/Wed/Fri On-Ramp Class  and Group Workout Team.  He was a very close personal friend of the MacRae family where he lived as a next door neighbor for many years.  He went mountain biking with Holden often and spent time at their house a few days a week, where he also just finished building an awesome outdoor deck.  Just last week Ted moved into the dream house he had finished rebuilding- twice- after losing it to fire. The guys around the ‘yard’ remember his as an avid fisherman- he frequently mentioned the fish he was going to bring back and share with everyone at the gym

I was introduced to Ted a few months back when he joined us at the gym.  He quickly made many friends, jumped into the workouts and worked hard every time he was there.  I remember how psyched he was during one of the heavy lifting days- how excited he was to start pushing really heavy weights around as his technique got better.  Thrusters at 75kg are no joke… and after completing the workout, he was so stoked about his progress that he invited everyone out to dinner to celebrate!  Simply put- a big, strong, really nice guy.  He came in for the next couple WODs and despite the fact that “Michael” does not really cater to Ted’s strengths- he jumped right in and pushed himself to the limit.  Ted came in a few days later for Fight Gone Bad- and loved/hated every second of it!  He drew a little “thumbs up” graphic next to it in his journal entry.

We miss you Ted.  I feel fortunate to have gotten to know you.

You might not know that the 32kg kettle bells are nicknamed “Ted”, in his honor!  Also, David H started training at CrossFit Malibu as a tribute to Ted.  He lived right across the street from David and Debbie- and had coffee at their house just about every day.  Check the back of the front door  and also the Hall of Fame to see part of Ted’s legacy at the Hut:)


Tuesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4pm and 6pm
Midday Open Training Hour, Gymnastics Specialty class at 5pm
Ted during the Hero WOD “Michael”
A Ted Memorial WOD- Underground Strength
As many rounds as necessary, not for time of:
Sled push, 2x15m
8 Russian KB swings, as heavy as possible
Farmer carry around the Hut (and garden center) ~100m, KB or DB or metal plates as heavy as possible
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