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Wednesday 151125 Heavy Rowing “Fran”

The long weekend has already sort of begun, and you might have realized this because you are stuck in traffic or in some airport somewhere OR because you were at work yesterday and the place seemed like a ghost town OR because you have already missed a few workouts this week even though you are staying put in Malibu all weekend!

This post goes out to all of you who are within a few miles of the Hut and missed out on the great training sessions we have had already this week… good WODs and very low attendance!  Get in here and get some work in before the holiday weekend has officially started… we are OPEN for only a few hours in the morning.  Then we are open for only 2 more hours- Friday at 10am and then Saturday at 10am.  Enjoy the holiday weekend… and make CrossFit Malibu a part of it… We’d be thankful to see you!

Lincoln and Dan pace off of each other in Monday's "DT"
Lincoln and Dan pace off of each other in Monday’s “DT”

Wednesday’s WOD only at 7 and 9am today- no evening classes.
Final training hour today is the noon open gym session.

Heavy Rowing Fran are more than 7 people.
Rowing Fran
For time, complete:
55/40kg thruster, 21 reps
400m row
55/40kg thruster, 15 reps
200m row
55/40kg thruster, 9 reps
100m row
Post time and scaling to journals/chalkboard.

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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