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Wednesday 151118 7 Rounds of 7s

There is a short, medium and longer term plan that goes into what comes up on the chalkboard at the Hut.  The variety and frequency of movements, the relative “heaviness” of a given WOD, the number of reps and rounds, the type of format used (rounds for time, AMRAP, chipper, EMOM, couplets , triplets, Tabatas… we could go on and on!)- are all rotated so that there is variance but also a thoroughness to what you DO when you are here training.  When it then comes to the nuts and bolts of what EXACTLY appears on the board in our daily training sessions we get inspiration, ideas, and input from many different places.  These days it mainly comes from experimentation and personal experience.  We draw much from crossfit.com.  Today’s WOD showed up on the “main page” site at the beginning of November and it fits RIGHT in with what the goal was for today.  SO have fun with the workout.. but first: Watch Noah and Kenny complete today’s WOD at the CrossFit Headquarters media box.

Josh reps out some power snatches during the CrossFit Liftoff a few weeks ago.
Josh drops his third rep power snatch during the CrossFit Liftoff a few weeks ago- now to cleans!

7 rounds for time of:
40/25kg power cleans, 7 reps
40/25kg thrusters, 7 reps
7 bar-facing burpees
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