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Friday 151009 Weighted Pull ups and a Five Rounder

This is the final regularly programmed WOD of the week to complete our 5 day training cycle with some heavy pulls.  A great supplement for those of you training in the Tuesday Gymnastics Specialty class where the focus is on gymnastics pulls (pull ups, muscle ups and more).  No fear if you do not yet have a single pull up, let alone a heavy weighted pull up… emerging pull up athletes will be given eccentric work to train to get stronger for a future first pull up.
The five rounder begins with some heavy dumbbell floor presses.  The intention here is to oppose the heavy pulls you just completed.  No need to go so light as to get all 10 reps in one shot.  In fact, today the idea is to go heavier than you get get in a single shot.  Partition your reps into 2-3 sets.  Then get on those heavy KB swings.  “Big Pop.  Huuuh. Drive.  Heels. Jump.  Aarrghhh.”  Whatever you like to think about to detonate that explosive drive in your Russian KB swing- use it!  And finally a ~1 minute sprint on the rower… before right into the next round.
Saturday Sessions to Look Forward To:
8:45am class session- a standard individual WOD
10:00am- team/partner WOD
A Parking Reminder from the Yard’s Management Company:
No parking in any numbered parking space or anywhere else on the asphalt within the Yard.  Stick to the dirt areas under and near the trees or somewhere outside the gates.  They have specifically said that they especially do not like cars to park in front of their office doors/windows anywhere near the Mariposa Land Co Ltd sign.  Thank you in advance for making their lives (therefore our lives) easier.
Who is the mystery lifter in front of Stan during this tough EMOM from last week Tuesday?
Who is the mystery lifter in front of Stan during this tough EMOM from last week Tuesday?
Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 3 and 5pm.
Weighted pull ups, 15 minute limit with heavy sets of 5
Total the amount of weight lifted in the 5 heaviest sets (25 pull ups) and post to chalkboard
The idea is a BIG total volume in 5 rep increments
Five rounds for time of:
Dumbbell floor press, 10 reps (AHAP!)
KB swing, 20 reps Russian (32/24kg)
300m row
Post time and loads to chalkboards
More than 7 athletes, SDLHP sub with 20kg KB=10m, get on rower as soon as one is open and subtract meters completed with SDLHP.

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