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Tuesday 150929 EMOM 25

Today’s WOD is a long and steady strength session. The prescribed loads are at 70% of one rep max.  If you decide to scale this training session you will work at a lower percentage of one rep max than that.  The general idea is that you finish all 6 repetitions at about the 40 second mark of each round. A ~20 second rest should be enough to continue these movements at the given load for the entire 25 minutes.

During your warm-ups you must try to determine if the loads you are using are correct… But only experience will show whether you are. But isn’t that the case with most challenges in life 🙂    If absolutely necessary, you can add or subtract weight from the dead lift, back squat, pull up between rounds– but try to square your weights away before the timer starts.  If you go with a load that is too light – you risk not getting a good enough training session in. If you go with a load that it’s too heavy – you risk poor movement/mechanics.

Of course, if you have not developed a strong, strict pull-up – you will have to scale or modify your pulling movement.  An athlete who can get in five dead hang pull ups will likely do the entire workout using just bodyweight. An athlete who does not yet have that many dead hang pull ups can do a few dead hang pull-ups and finish each set with a kipping pull-up or two.   Other modifications can take place if you are still working on getting your first pull up- work that out with your coach.

Today you will see a pretty evenly matched effort between the physical and the mental struggle. Enjoy the challenge- look forward to hearing you thoughts on which challenge was tougher- the mental or the physical.

Kolby resets for another KB swing with great positioning- ready for another big drive

Tuesday WODs at 6, 7, 9am, 4 and 6pm  
Fundamentals 8am, Noon Midday Open Training, 5pm Gymnastics Session

Every minute on the minute for 25 minutes of:
Deadlift, 1 rep ~70%1RM
Back squats, 2 reps ~70%1RM
Weighted pull ups, 3 reps
Post loads for each movement to chalkboard/journals


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