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Monday 150928 OHS Strength and “Nancy”

Thanks for an Amazing Saturday!
Our anniversary and send-off for Julia got off to an amazing start with the most energized and packed yoga class that the Hut has ever seen.  The big room was overflowing with prana and bodies with zero extra space for another mat as Kristin and Nicole, who helped with demonstrating poses, got the day off to a great start.  The free-flowing Gauntlet WOD gave everyone a chance to work with a few others in amassing 120 barbell reps and 240 swings and squats of the kettebell.  Julia got to work with her sister Rachel- who is an athlete at Deuce CrossFit- to kick off the 10am group WOD.  The BBQ churned out WLC compliant meat and fish (ok- and a some non-compliant stuff too!) and attendees included quite a few of our original CrossFit Malibuites who were a part of our Grand Opening exactly 6 years ago.  Thanks to all of you athletes who make CrossFit Malibu an amazing community to be a part of and to Julia who dedicated about 18% of her life to training and teaching at CrossFit Malibu!  (we ARE data driven, you know!?)

Scheduling Changes that go into effect on Monday Oct 5th (next week)
Mornings- Based on attendance data that we looked at from the past 5 months we have made a few changes to our morning schedule.  We are no longer running the Tuesday and Thursday 8am Fundamentals or Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10am WODs.   We still offer 7am and 9am classes every weekday.  During the May through September data analysis period, the 10am classes averaged 1.5 people/class with at least one day each week with nobody in attendance. The data also showed that 10am attendees trained in significantly more 9am WODs than 10am WODs.  The 8am class was even less well attended than that with .88 attendees per session.  You don’t even want to try and imagine how 9/10ths of a person looks while doing Fran!
Evenings- In response to both suggestions and as an effort to bring an infusion of freshness to the evening course offerings, all specialty classes will be offered at 5pm each Monday through Thursdays and the 6pm class sessions will all be WOD classes.  Those interested in attending specialty courses like gymnastics, strength, Olympic weightlifting, mobility and other focused class sessions know that these are the days to prioritize when it comes to evening training.  This change also allows consistency with our WOD programming for those only able to come to our final session of the night.
Our Saturday WOD, Good Luck "card" for Julia and a shot of the barbell/KB work in the Yard.
Our Saturday WOD, Good Luck “card” for Julia and a shot of the barbell/KB work in the Yard.
Monday WOD at 7, 9, 10am, 4 and 5pm.
Noon Midday Open Training Hour, Underground/Yard Strength class 6pm
Overhead squat
Spend 12 minutes on the clock working up to a heavy 1 rep
Between sets one round of this barbell complex:
hang power snatch- push press behind the neck- back squat- snatch grip RDL
Five rounds for time of:
400m run
45/30kg overhead squat, 15 reps
Post time and scaling to journals/chalkboard and PR board!
Compare to June 9 2015, July 16 2014, May 6 2014, Sept 25, 2013, April 12, 2012, Nov 4, 2011, April 4, 2010

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