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Friday 150925 Julia’s Coaching Finale

A great way to bid farewell to Julia would be to attend one of her morning classes today!  Keep in mind that the 9 and 10am classes are small- so shoot for one of those:)  Today is the final day of Julia’s second year of teaching at CrossFit Malibu.  Her journey at CrossFit Malibu began way back during her first semester at Pepperdine when she joined us as a new athlete and continued training with us after being awarded a scholarship through the Natural Science Division.  After training with us for over a year- she participated in the intern training program and then spent that summer in the coaches preparation and training group back in 2013.  Julia began leading classes that summer and has been at it ever since!
Thanks Julia for all of your positive contributions to the CrossFit Malibu community.  For your time, effort, energy and dedication.  We wish you the best in your new adventures in Australia and beyond.   Join her today in a morning class… and then of course join all of us on Saturday- keep reading!
Saturday Event is as follows:
8:45am Yoga Class w Kristin… please bring a yoga mat if you have one!
10:00am WODs, yes, that is plural.  There will be a number of activities for you to enjoy
11:30am BBQ will be turned on and plates will be loaded with food.
WLC compliant AND non-compliant food are both very welcome.  Please being some food and drink to share… as usual- the more food and more people the better- so bring both.
Julia and Elizabeth trade off some cleans during a recent WOD at the Hut.
Julia and Elizabeth trade off some cleans during a recent WOD at the Hut.
Friday WODs at 7, 9, 10am and again at 3 and 5pm.
Double under workshop
Dumbbell Complex (50/35#) for max reps using the following movement pattern:
Start with DB on the ground, go to plank on the DB,
renegade row R arm, push up, renegade row L arm,
stand up like finishing a burpee while deadlifting DB,
hang power clean, step lunge R leg, step lunge L leg.
put DB on ground (ONE REP!).. repeat in this pattern:
4 minutes work: 3 minutes rest
3 minutes work: 2 minutes rest
2 minutes work: 1 minute rest
1 minute work: DONE
Post total number of reps for entire 10 minute work set with 6 minutes prescribed rest.

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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