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Thursday 150917 WLC PreTest WOD

Today is the Whole Life Challenge Preliminary WOD (and measurement day).  There are about 25 people involved in the Whole Life Challenge at CrossFit Malibu- including coaches, many repeating and some new CFMalibuites,  a few former athletes participating remotely.  We welcome a VERY big group from Egg Strategy in Boulder, CO owned by my friend Toph.  He does CrossFit in Denver, has been to the Hut a number of times, and participated with STELLAR results in the summer WLC.  Toph rallied a bunch of his work team and they are joining us from the Centennial State.  Our friend and seasonal CFM athlete, Jerri, put together a dozen friends and started a team as well.. so I am sure we will see her on the comment board.  Glad to have you all aboard!

Do you want to propel your physical abilities?  Work on mobility or a specific flexibility problem area?  Clean up your eating? Develop habits to sleep better, be less stressed out, more hydrated and healthier in general?  Well- you CAN have it all… over the next 8 weeks!

There is still PLENTY of time to join.  In fact, we know from experience that the team always grows by about 25% in the final hours.  Keep in mind that you can also join up to a week late- though it IS best to get ahead of the game and begin on time. so we welcome you.

For those of you not entering- don’t worry about it. Really, I hope you find no sarcasm in that- because there is none. We have encouraged you to participate in many activities, Summer Bingo, the Sunday Water Series, Triathlon Training and various specialty classes… AND we expect you to show up to WODs a few times a week… that IS a lot to ask- and we know you have busy lives. And YOU know we want what’s best for you. So we trust your decision.

There ARE a few of you out there who are riding the fence… and YOU are the target of this blog post. NOT to peer pressure you, but to encourage you and to help answer any questions you might have or honestly respond to any anxiety or frustration you have about entering. Talk to a coach, another trusted member who you know well OR even someone who you DON’T know to get their take on why they are participating. Take some pressure off of yourself. You CAN do this imperfectly and still succeed. You can decide NOT to do this and just glean tips, tools and menu ideas from others in your classes who ARE joining in and succeed by osmosis. Either way- you can’t really make a bad choice.


Marcia works diligently through some drills to determine the deadlift set up and execution positions.
Marcia works diligently through some drills to determine the deadlift set up and execution positions.

Thursday- Whole Life Challenge Prelimary WODs
Same in all WOD classes- at 6, 7, 8, 9am, 4 and 6pm
Noon Midday Open Training, 5pm Power Hour

Two rounds for time of:
50 squats
400m run
30 Russian KB swings (32/24kg)
20 wall ball shots (20/14#)
10 burpees
Post time, load and all WOD details to journals and also to WLC website if participating
Mandatory 20 minute cut-off:, if you are cut off, then count total reps not completed and add one second for each of those missed reps. For example: if you go 1 round and finish all the way through the KB swings in the second round,then you needed 30 reps to complete the WOD, therefore your technical finish time = 20:30.
This WOD will be run again on Saturday at 8:45am for the final make up.

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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