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Wednesday 150916 Row, Weighted Steps, and Handstand Push Ups

CrossFit Games veteran and “pint-sized beauty,” Amy Dracup trained at CrossFit Malibu for a few sessions over the past couple of weeks.  She is present in the CrossFit/functional fitness world in many ways- as an affiliate owner of CrossFit Deux along with her husband Bjorn in Melbourne, Australia as well as a professional GRID athlete for the DC Brawlers.

The National Pro Grid League (NPGL) is competitive functional fitness and is at the tail end of its sophomore season.  GRID is a new sport that was spearheaded by CrossFit’s former head of media, Tony Budding.  While it is not affiliated with CrossFit in any way, many of the CrossFit Games athletes play a major role on GRID teams.  In fact- most GRID athletes are CrossFit Games competitors and CrossFit Affiliate owners.

Last year’s champs were the DC Brawlers… and this year the championships are in southern California this Sunday the 20th at 5pm. It is televised on NBC Sports channel- but you can go watch live in Anaheim for the semifinals on Wednesday between San Fran and Phoenix then on Thursday between Boston and DC both at 7pm …AND you can get free tickets HERE. So what are you waiting for?  If you want to upgrade for “Grid-Side” viewing, the tickets are still available for just $25.

Best of luck to Amy and the DC Brawlers as they head towards the finals!


Wednesday WODs at 7, 9, 10am, 4 and 5pm
Noon Midday Open Hour, 6pm Games Open Strength Class

For time:
1000m row and continue right away with:
50 DB weighted box step-ups (45/30#DB, 24/20”box)
1 minute max reps handstand push ups
35 DB weighted box step-ups
2 minute max reps handstand push ups
15 DB weighted box step-ups
4 minute max reps handstand push ups
Post row time, WOD time, number of reps/loads/scaling to chalkboard/journals

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