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Friday 150904 Double Baseline

The fall Whole Life Challenge begins on September 19th and our team is steadily growing in size and power!  Here is something to encourage you to join the team right away… the early signup discount ends on Saturday night at midnight.  That means if you sign up to join Team CrossFit Malibu before that deadline, you qualify for one of the discounts that are offered: The first is for those of you who have never done the WLC before- you save about 25%.  If you have ever been a part of the WLC before, your early bird discount is only $24 dollars!  So sign up before midnight on Saturday.  Prices go up to 49 bucks at that point… and since you are going to join anyway: you might as well save some cash.  Once again, the top overall scorers in the challenge win personal coaching sessions in olympic lifting, gymnastics, a Go Outside And Play package that includes a stand-up paddle/surfing session, beach training and more!

*Andy Petranek, founder and former owner of CrossFit Los Angeles wrote today’s WOD as a good way to introduce newcomers to CrossFit.  He gets author’s credit for this and I would venture to say that HUNDREDS if not thousands of gyms and personal trainers use “CFBaseline” as an assessment tool and as an introduction to CrossFit.  To use this as the first benchmark workout that new athletes do is to demonstrate what high intensity really FEELS like.  To demonstrate that with only a handful of minutes, the human body (and let’s not forget- the human brain) is capable of causing a lot strain and struggle… which is a frequent byproduct of producing MORE work, FASTER. (-repost from 150202)  Today we use it more as a training tool that a test- going through it twice for time.

Who is today's mystery kettle bell swinger? That 2 pooder is just about as larger as a human head… and weighs about 62 more pounds!
Who is today’s mystery kettle bell swinger? That 2 pooder is just about as larger as a human head… and weighs about 62 more pounds!

Friday 7, 9, 10am and again at 3 and 5pm
Noon Midday Open Training
Double Baseline
Two rounds for time of:
500m row
40 squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 pull ups
Post 3 numbers (Round 1, Round 2, total) and scaling to chalkboards.
Ex- Mike 4:05/4:15/8:20 Rx (no PR)
Bodyweight Skills and Drills for remainder of the hour

Compare to:
Double Reverse Baseline- May 22 2015
Baseline- Feb 2 2015, Nov 6 2014, Sept 11 2014, Dec 31 2013, Nov 14 2013, Sept 20 2013, April 24 2013- OR most likely the first page of your journal if you did an intro session as your first WOD at CrossFit Malibu.


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