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Friday 150821 The Chief

On our CrossFit Malibu Bingo Game Board you might have seen the orange eyeball logo… and you guessed right: it belongs to Dr Deb.  She has that logo stamped across many of the categories on the chalkboard… gradually filling up her card as she takes advantage not only of all the activities that surround us in Malibu- but because a recent change in her daily schedule has created more time over the past month to attend many different classes at the Hut.   If you don’t know already… After many years in Agoura Hills she has recently relocated her ophthalmology practice to West Hills.  She happily provides excellent service to CrossFit Malibuites- from regular eye exams to laser surgery!  Grab a card from the bulletin board… it is the one with the eyeball logo ; )

Saturday Sessions for August 22:
8:45am: do any Benchmark “Girl WOD”  HERE is a CrossFit Journal article that gives the original workouts along with the history and philosophy behind these CrossFit baseline WODs that are excellent tests of fitness.  There have been a number of “New Girls” that have been added to the list of WODs to choose from.  On Saturday you can either retest a Girl WOD you have done in the past- or use the hour to try one out for the first time.
10am: a standard Saturday morning partner/team WOD

Dr Deb overlooks the Duomo after completing 5 Rounds for time of: Float in the roof top pool in Firenze!  32:44
Dr Deb overlooks the Duomo after completing Five Rounds for time of: Float in the roof top pool in Firenze, Italia   (52:44 Rx)


Friday 7, 9, 10am, 3 and 5pm WODs. Noon Open Training Hour
“The Chief”
5 sets, each is a 3 minute AMRAP of:
Power clean, 3 reps (60/45kg)
6 push ups
9 air squats
Rest exactly one minute between sets.
Post total rounds, reps and load.
Begin each new set where the last set left off.
Compare to 150507, 140922, 140128, 130515, 120712, 090914.


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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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