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Tuesday 150818 Run, 10-1/1-10, Run

CrossFit Malibu Athlete Profile: Peter Hernandez, President of Teles Properties
Peter started training with us about one year ago in an effort to get ready for the international distance of the Malibu Triathlon.  He also had a goal of generally being stronger- specifically his legs/lower body.  An accomplished athlete in the water as a long time surfer and a very good swimmer- and also a history of marathons and shorter running distances, Peter already had more cardio-respiratory endurance and stamina than many people we see on day 1.  Strength and power work, mobility and combinations of movements at high intensity were brand new to his athletic training regimen.  Since joining us last August- he has completed 3 triathlons including the international distance as well as our own Point Dume Sprint Triathlon in 8-10 foot surf!  And in addition to MORE endurance- his strength, power, speed and mobility have all improved a great deal.  We know this by post testing workouts he has done in the past… and he knows this just be feel.  He is getting ready for the Malibu Triathlon Classic Distance as well as the Playa del Rey Sprint Triathlon in the same fashion… with straight up CrossFit and an extra day of CrossFit Endurance training.
Did you also know that he is the host of a weekly postcast?  Every Friday morning he hosts a show called “The Friday Morning Drive”– interviewing a guest about various topics- usually real estate related- as a way to provide ongoing education for the hundreds of agent who work with Teles Properties.  I was a guest on his show twice earlier this year on the topic of Human Performance- Movement and Fuel.  Did you also know that he is training in the water with us on Sunday mornings with the Summer Water Series- alongside his daughter- who is also an active member of Malibu’s Junior Lifeguards!  Peter is enthusiastic about CrossFit, the Ocean and of course his wife, daughter and Aussie Shepherd named ZeeBee.
Peter and ZeeBee on the dry sand at Zuma Beach getting prepared for the Malibu Triathlon by "Moving Large Loads Long Distances Quickly" instead of the standard "Long Slow Distance."
Peter and ZeeBee on the dry sand at Zuma Beach getting prepared for the Malibu Triathlon by “Moving Large Loads Long Distances Quickly” instead of the standard “Long Slow Distance.”
Tuesday 6, 7, 9am, 4, 6pm WODs,
Fundamentals 8am, Noon Open Hour, 5pm Gymnastics specialty class
Skill work: pistols
For time:
400m sprint
10-1, 1-10 reps of:
chest to bar pull ups/pull ups
*400m run with bumper plate (10/5kg)
burpees w jump over bumper plate
400m sprint
Post time, load and scaling to chalkboard/journals
*At some point within the couplet, run 400m with your bumper plate

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