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Monday 150817 Deadlift and Toes to Bar

With thousands of CrossFit gyms around the world, hundreds of thousands of “CrossFit Babies” have been born over the past 10 years and of course we have had many expectant moms at CrossFit Malibu.  In recent weeks we have had a few pregnant CrossFitters training in classes- and Erin has returned to us as well- 6 months pregnant.  In this post we simply want to shed a little light on this CrossFit “subculture”… share some of the articles linked below with families-in-the-making!

There are a plethora of articles in CrossFit lifestyle magazines that talk about CrossFit and pregnancy- which adds a huge volume of information to the “literature”… easily doubling, even tripling the amount of info that was written on the topic of high intensity training, strength and conditioning.  Magazines such as BoxLife, Tabata Times and blogs such as Inside the Affiliate and CrossFit and Pregnant have contributed to the dialog.  CFM athlete Hannah authored a paper with Cooker Perkins PhD, while still a student at Pepperdine University that labeled CrossFit, pregnancy and motherhood as A New Scientific Frontier.    So if you know of someone looking for a High Performance Pregnancy in 2015, then there are many resources out there for you to turn to!  Believe me when I say that this was definitely NOT the case even as few as 4-5 years ago.

Of course- you need to make your own decisions about how much and how hard you want to train during your pregnancy.  I will also say that you need to also be very aware and purposeful about your training while trying to become pregnant and post partum.

PS- if you read a few of these articles… you will easily be able to mark off a square on  your bingo card under the CrossFit Education column 🙂

Erin rips out some kettle bell swings…. 6 months into her 9 month workout session.  She has done it before and she'll do it again!
Erin rips out some kettle bell swings…. 6 months into her 9 month workout session. She has done it before and she’ll do it again!  Way to get in here and get it done Erin.

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