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Wednesday 150805 Triplet for Time

People come and train at the Hut for all kinds of reasons: to get ready for an upcoming race, to lose a few pounds of body weight or to gain a few pounds of muscle, to rehab a chronically sore back, to be generally fit for anything life brings forth, to fit into a certain pair or jeans or a dress or a suit, to prepare for a job requiring physical capabilities, to develop the mindset that helps in every facet of life… and on and on.
We are getting ready to say good-bye to a couple people this week: Congrats and good bye to Jonathan and Ellie, who were recently married in July!  They are both going to be living and working in Santa Barbara… and they decided the drive to CrossFit Malibu was a little bit too far for a daily commute.  Good bye to McGuire who is heading back to the midwest to help his brother train for soccer season and to continue preparing for admission to the Navy SEALs.  Best of luck to all of you- come back when you are in Malibu!
McGuire heads back to St Louis later in the week- it was great training with you, best of luck preparing for SEALs.
McGuire heads back to St Louis later in the week- it was great training with you for a couple of months, best of luck preparing for SEALs.
Wednesday 7, 9, 10am, 4, 5pm WODs.  Strength-Oly at 6pm
For time:
*200m sprint
40 DB snatch (70/50# DB)
10 Wall ball shots (20/14#)
200m sprint
30 DB snatch
20 Wall ball shots
200m sprint
20 DB snatch
30 Wall ball shots
200m sprint
10 DB snatch
40 Wall ball shots
200m sprint
Post time, load and scaling to chalkboard/journals
*New 200m sprint course=right turn out of the Yard, go to the marker and return to the Hut
B scaling:Run/35, 20/Run/30,30/Run/20,35/Run, which is 80 reps and 800m, a 20% reduction in total work.

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