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Monday 150803 Pull Up/TGU EMOM and 2000m Row

Personal records for the month of July are shown below: congrats on the effort and achievements!  Lots of progress for the strength lifts after testing CrossFit Total as the culminating activity in the Power Hour class.

Welcome to August- as we continue with gymnastics and power hour on Tuesday and Thursday nights, respectively.  Both of these specialty classes will culminate their 6 week cycle in the final week of August.  We expect to see improvements on handstands by August 25th as well as even bigger numbers with the next running of CrossFit Total on August 27th.

Our newly added Midday Open Training Hour begins today and will run for the entire month of August, Monday through Friday from noon-1pm.  Each weekday a coach will be on hand at the Hut to oversee CrossFit Malibu athletes training independently.  Keep in mind that this not a coached class, but a supervised hour with a coach available to discuss and assist.  What should YOU DO if you attend this hour?  Well, that is partially up to you.  You could:

  • do a WOD that came up earlier in the week that you missed out on.
  • work on your weaknesses- train to improve a specific movement or mobility issue
  • get in rowing or jump rope work and then do your gymnastics homework
  • spend the hour working olympic lifting technique drills
  • train strength sets of back squats, presses or deadlifts if you can’t make Power Hour
  • test a WOD, a strength movement, or your pull ups and update your whiteboard data
  • do a Benchmark “Girl WOD” that hasn’t come up in a while

Any of these activities COULD be good to do.  Check with the coach on duty for suggestions and/or to run your plan by them.  You will find that you need to have a specific plan for how to spend the hour… time goes by really quickly when you don’t have a coach guiding you through a warm up, skill work and WOD.  So get in and get on it!  After a month of M.O.T.H… we will evaluate if it is a good idea to continue.

See your name up here?  Great?  Make sure these data make it to the PR Whiteboard!  Don't see your name?  Want to see it soon?  Let's talk about it!
See your name up here? Great? Make sure these data make it to the PR Whiteboard! Don’t see your name?     Want to see it soon or more frequently?  Let’s talk about how that can happen!

***August Strength on Mon/Wed at 6pm is Olympic Lifting, so get in here!***

Monday 7, 9, 10am, 4, 5pm WODs. Strength class at 6pm
Every minute on the minute for 14 minutes of:
Weighted pull ups, 3 reps on the even minutes,
Turkish get up 1 R, 1 L on the odd minutes
Post heaviest loads lifted and number of sets at that load for each movement
Ex: 5 @ 35# / 4 @ 20kg
Row 2000m for time
Post time and PR to chalkboard/journals/whiteboard

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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